Viceroybedding Luxury Single (135cm x On Sale

Viceroybedding Luxury Single (135cm x 200cm) 10.5 tog PURE 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Viceroybedding Luxury Single (135cm x 200cm) 10.5 tog PURE 100% Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Product Features

  • The jacquard cover is a 330 thread count almost weightless fabric , The filling is 100% Hungarian Goose down.
  • This fabric is made from Egyptian cotton with an elegant check stripe pattern
  • It has a super soft feel and drape and has been proven to pull 62% more moisture away than cotton to give you the most peaceful sleep
  • Washable with gentle detergents at 60, Tumble dry well, shake and re-fluff
  • PURE Hungarian Goose down, most other hungarian goose down duvets contain 10% small feathers, ours do not!

Product descriptions
Description : Hungary produces very high quality down and is the most significant down exporter in the world. The geese are allowed to roam freely in lush, open fields and feed on what nature provides. These natural breeding conditions allow the goose to develop fully, producing large, soft and light down. These duvets are stitched with a baffle box construction. Square boxes are separated by a series of 1" internal fabric walls. These walls permit the duvet to expand so that the down can reach its maximum loft, allowing even distribution while still holding the down securely in place. Each box is individually filled with the exact amount of down required, and finished with double stitching and piped edging. The filling is 100% Hungarian Goose down. The casing is a lovely Jaquard 100% Egyptian cotton. With a 330 high thread count for superior strength and a soft delicate finish it is custom made for pure down. These Hungarian goose down duvets offer cosy and absolutly superb sleeping comfort for tho...

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